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Jonas Maebe jonas at zeus.rug.ac.be
Mon Mar 10 14:08:23 CET 2003

On maandag, maa 10, 2003, at 13:35 Europe/Brussels, Patrick Zerafa 

> I cannot install the Pascal, I did everything as needed:
> - Unzipped the file (install.exe)
> - Opened the file and was asked for Base Path in which I left it as 
> default
> - Then after the installation was completed the installation program 
> closed
> - Then I went back to the WinZip, there was a window in which I 
> clicked OK
> and nothing happened.
> Please can you tell me how to install Pascal?

It is already installed. However, the installation program does not 
automatically add an entry to the Start menu and also does not place an 
icon on your Desktop. You can start the IDE by choosing "Run..." in the 
Start menu and by typing "c:\pp\bin\win32\fp.exe" in the dialog box you 
get. It may be easier for you to install DevPascal though 
(<http://www.bloodshed.net/devpascal.html>), it uses FPC as compiler 
but behaves more like other Windows programs.


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