[fpc-pascal]To thread or not to thread

Christophe Espern cespern at free.fr
Tue Mar 4 09:36:28 CET 2003

Le lun 03/03/2003 à 23:11, Christophe Espern a écrit :

After a short night :
> I tried nanosleep but the task assign to the thread seems to failed.

I confirm : nanosleep works well. The task has a problem.

> The task executed in the thread is the following (I'm using
> gtk2forpascal.) :

Here is the problem. 

First I must call g_thread_init to use threads in GTK but I cannot link
the program o.file with the script provided with gtk2forpascal.
pgk-config does not mention the glib thread library.

Maybe I must recompile GTK with threading support.

Anyone has already used GTK threads with FPC and gtk2forpascal ?



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