[fpc-pascal]cross compiler potential ?

Nikolai Zhubr s001 at hotbox.ru
Sun Jun 29 02:45:24 CEST 2003

Saturday, 28 June, 2003, 22:26:01, Harald Houppermans wrote:
> Suppose I ever do get a free pascal compiler working.

> How usefull will it be ?
This depends entirely on how much you need it :)

> What I want to do is write windows server software and then compile it for linux.

> I would like to use: high performance counter, tcp/ip stack, udp protocol.
Many programs will compile and run fine without any change on both windows
and linux, provided you have respective FPC version installed on both
systems. There is absolutely no need for (and probably no benefit from)
crosscompiling to do this, unless you are prohibited to use linux :)
Be aware however, that low-level network stuff is somewhat different on
linux and windows (which has nothing to do with FPC though), so it might
very well happen that the program you design for linux will not be
compilable for windows or will not run on windows properly, and vice versa.
High-performance things also tend to be platfrom-specific. I'd suppose
you can find quite a lot of open-source server-related examples for *nix,
hardly as many for windows. (Well, not in pascal may be, but anyway)
I'm not much of an expert in this though...
Best regards,
 Nikolai Zhubr

> That's about it.

> A step by step tutorial how to create such a cross compiler would be quite handy :D

> 1. Where do I get binutils from windows to linux ? Compiling it myself seems impossible... so many errors I am ready to give up on that.
> ( I tried mingw and cygwin, both with no luck )

> 2. What do I do after I have bin utils from windows to linux. ?

> Later.

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