[fpc-pascal]free pascal cross compiler windows to linux, I am getting there :)

Harald Houppermans houppermans at home.nl
Sun Jun 29 02:08:06 CEST 2003


Finally after two days I have successfully compiled the binutils-2.14 using
cygwin, lol, without to much unix/linux knowledge on my side :)

Anyway... the problem was with make.. I had so many makes on my system
cygwin was using the wrong make tool, that has been solved by setting the
path in cygwin.bat.

Unfortunately I have not been successfull creating the binutils with
mingw... if that had succeeded the binutils probably woulnd't need

I haven't used the binutils yet...

I have compiled them like so:
host system: i686 cygwin
target system: i686 linux
build system: i686 cygwin

So I think that is now ok.

Step 2 is compiling the linux rtl code... I could use some help with that.

I am going to try mirc again :) #fpc channel synopsis has helped me and so
has some other people via e-mail.

Jippee :D

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