[fpc-pascal]cross compiler potential ?

Harald Houppermans houppermans at home.nl
Sat Jun 28 20:26:01 CEST 2003

Suppose I ever do get a free pascal compiler working.

How usefull will it be ?

What I want to do is write windows server software and then compile it for linux.

I would like to use: high performance counter, tcp/ip stack, udp protocol.

That's about it.

A step by step tutorial how to create such a cross compiler would be quite handy :D

1. Where do I get binutils from windows to linux ? Compiling it myself seems impossible... so many errors I am ready to give up on that.
( I tried mingw and cygwin, both with no luck )

2. What do I do after I have bin utils from windows to linux. ?


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