[fpc-pascal]Re: Macintosh Progress??

Olle Raab automagi at algonet.se
Fri Jun 27 12:41:09 CEST 2003

>> Mark Emerson wrote:
>>> How is the progress in the Mac version of FPC?  Any projections when it
>>> might be ready?  Thanks.

There have been substantial progress in the powerpc code generator the last
months, so that the powerpc version of the fpc compiler can compile itself
on linux.

>> There was the old list at yahoogroups
>> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pascalcompiler/
>> and now the one at avalon.pascal-central
>> http://pascal-central.com/osp/osp.html
>> that was especially for 'Mac version
>> of the FreePascal project'.

http://pascal-central.com/osp/osp.html has not been updated for a time. We
plan to add a page to the freepascal site with more detailed info of the mac

> The working targets are Linux and NetBSD, though there are still
> gotcha's left.
> We hope to add Mac OS X in the
> near future, and there is also work done for classic Mac OS.

For classic Mac OS, i have managed to compile a small program in the demo
directory, namely "magic.pas". But there is still work left to complete the
rtl for macos. I am moving to another appartment now so I am a little busy
now, but in a couple of months i hope I will be finished.

There is also afaik still some work to do to make the new register allocator
work smoothless, and it is needed to make the code reasonable optimized on
the powerpc.


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