[fpc-pascal]Pascal applications running ME

paradice lawrence at paradicesoftware.com
Thu Jun 26 08:50:35 CEST 2003

Hi -

If there is an old program that "Works in DOS" it is not a win32 exe (unless
you recompile it) Other than that, I do 90% of my development on WinME
(testing also on Win2k and WinXP) and have never had any problems running
either Go32v2 or Win32 applications on this platform. Does the error still
occur with a standard "hello, world?" program? How, specifically, does it
crash? More info is required here I think.

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> Hi Ken,
>   I saw your question about problems to run pascal
> applications with winME in a forum(in 2001). So, I
> have same problem. I want to know if you obtained the
> solution!
>   Thanks! And sorry if my English is wrong. I'm not
> American.
> Vinicius.
> "I was wondering if anyone knew if FPC exes (win32
> compilings) work on a computer running ME.  I have an
> old pascal
> program that runs great in dos, win95, win98, and so
> far the tests
> say it works with win2k (not verified yet), but when
> using win ME
> the program always crashes.  I have looked through it
> and can't find
> anything wrong, but I could have missed someting.
> When I tried to look through the old messages in this
> list the
> freepascal.org links to the old messages were bad urls
> so I couldn't
> check there first.
> If anyone has any idea how FPC win32 exes perform on
> winME I
> would like to know, and if there are any good ways of
> debugging to
> get info from the ME system that it crashes on that
> would be very
> helpful.
> Ken."
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