[fpc-pascal]Pascal applications running ME

Vinicius Neves vinineves at yahoo.com.br
Wed Jun 25 19:19:12 CEST 2003

Hi Ken,

  I saw your question about problems to run pascal
applications with winME in a forum(in 2001). So, I
have same problem. I want to know if you obtained the

  Thanks! And sorry if my English is wrong. I'm not


"I was wondering if anyone knew if FPC exes (win32
compilings) work on a computer running ME.  I have an
old pascal
program that runs great in dos, win95, win98, and so
far the tests
say it works with win2k (not verified yet), but when
using win ME
the program always crashes.  I have looked through it
and can't find
anything wrong, but I could have missed someting.

When I tried to look through the old messages in this
list the
freepascal.org links to the old messages were bad urls
so I couldn't
check there first.

If anyone has any idea how FPC win32 exes perform on
winME I
would like to know, and if there are any good ways of
debugging to
get info from the ME system that it crashes on that
would be very


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