[fpc-pascal]The state of FPC - wrap up

Michael Van Canneyt michael.vancanneyt at wisa.be
Fri Jul 25 10:12:17 CEST 2003


I think the point about users finding include files cumbersome to use,
and developers who require maintainability, has been made clear.

We can discuss about this for ages, and never agree. So I would like to
conclude the discussion with a proposal.

My proposal is as follows:

If someone contributes a tool which does the necessary preprocessing
i.e. including needed files, then I will set up a system where the
source files are 'assembled' into single-source units for a given
platform/cpu combination. These single-source units can be distributed
with each platform or separately downloaded.

This tool can be run on a daily basis on our CVS server, and zips can be
made available as a service to the FPC users.

As for the tool, I ask only 3 things:
1. It should compile with FPC and should be cross-platform.
2. Should obey {$ifdefs}/{$define} and the like, such as
   run-time platform selection.
   (linux based tool must generate sources for e.g. win32)
3. As for the rest, it would be good to have the command-line options
   which match the compiler's:
   -d define symbol
   -u undefine symbol
   -I/-Fi set include path
   -T select target os/cpu
   -FE set output name.

If someone makes this tool, I will do the rest.

Hopefully, this proposal helps to end an otherwise lengthy discussion.


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