[fpc-pascal]The state of FPC (was: Synapse for FPC)

Lukas Gebauer gebylist at mlp.cz
Thu Jul 24 17:45:46 CEST 2003

> Lukas - I think grep is your best friend with FPC. You need to find the
> function 'GetXXX' but don't know where it it - I usually grep for it (using
> Cygwin on Windows.) If you're not familiure with grep, some thing like:

I am using much easier way for this... I am using TotalCommander and
their filesearch. I can directly browse fouded files, i can continue find
within search result... and all by a few hit to keys. ;-)

However searchingg through sources in delphi is much mure simple. ;-)

Lukas Gebauer.

E-mail: gebauerl at mlp.cz
WEB: http://www.ararat.cz/synapse - Synapse Delphi and Kylix TCP/IP

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