[fpc-pascal]The state of FPC (was: Synapse for FPC)

Matt Emson memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Thu Jul 24 16:37:53 CEST 2003

> > Michael - if none of your developers look at the Delphi source code, I
> > shudder to think at the standard of programming they produce. I've never
> > a professional programmer who doesn't at least look at headers/interface
> > sections of code to understand how a routine works. Not doing so is
> > completely alien to the way I work normally, and I am not alone in this
> > either.

Your developer was refering to the people you work with that you mentioned
do not look at Delphi source. Not FPC people.

> How do you propose to look without violating copyrights? We have to
> reverse engineer free Delphi apps to see what they call, and how they
> call it.

Free CLX contains a large chunk of the RTL, and is already supporting Linux
and Windows. I see sysutils, sysinit, system, types, variants, math,
inifiles, syncobjs, typinfo, classes, contnrs, and a whole host of Linux
specific units such as LibC. All the code is under GPL according to sf.net
project page, and so all should be usable in some way shape or form by FPC
developer without fear of reverse engineering. Look at Syllable (also of SF
iirc.) This project has branched a complete operating system that was GPL,
so Borland wouldn't have a leg to stand on imho.


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