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Lukas Gebauer gebylist at mlp.cz
Thu Jul 24 15:09:27 CEST 2003

> That isn't. I was more hinting at the TSystemTime example. Sysutils is
> platform independant, and Windows is dependant.

Ok, enhance this my example: What is different between TSystemTme
structure in sysutils and in windows? Windows structure have only one
additional field 'DayOfWeak'!

Why platform independent implementation in FPC sysutils not have this
field? Simply add this field to FPC sysutils and then you have two
compatible structures. What is platform depended on 'DayOfWeek'? Why
is not here this field?

Core of this problems is not platform independency. Or not?

> I see a getlocaltime function in sysutils for obtaining the time, using
> sysutils.TSystemTime record.

Yes, but look to implementation. How much code is needed only for
convert between two very similar data structures, because 'platform
independent' not have one field? ;-O
And this is only one of time functions... for example, I neet to get
GetSystemTime. I must do same conversion as in your sysutils... uf!

> > Well, lot of this functions is in another units.. and some of this
> > functions have different names..
> It is hard to say. I'll look at synapse some more, but the important reason
> is _why_ they are in other units. Portability, or are you just searching
> equivalent functions in TP functions, while there is no reason to not add
> them to sysutils too?

For example, dynlibs. Same functions is in Borland sysutils. (for
both, delphi and Kylix). But in FPC it is in separate unit, and one
function have different name. (I mean UnloadLibrary instead

Why is impossible put into your sysutils same functons as in Borland
and this new functions will internally call dynlibs unit? If some
platform not support dynlibs, then simply not add this functions into
sysutils on this platform.

> We have to regard _our_ community. So we are only interested in the part
> of the Delphi community that is possibly interested in FPC.

I can turn this. ;-) FPC is interesting for Delphi community only
when FPC is interesting for Delphi.  ;-)))

> And interested in FPC because of its features and possibilities, not just a
> way to circumvent Borlands fee. Users that donate code back, and report fixes
> (like yourself) are much more important to us than people that only want to
> avoid Borlands money.

You are right. but people in delphi community have lot of their code.
This people not like rewrite all only because FPC is great. It do
rewriting only when then know: "it is small work and FPC add me more

> What is the advantage to use FPC at all if it is not portable? (there are
> some other technical reasons like linking to gcc etc, but I mean _important_
> ones here)

How you know 'it is not portable'? And I think, some non-portable
code can be interesting for FPC. Exists lot of technologies what is
not portable and exists only on one platform. You ignore this
technologies only because it is not portable? :-O

> > How many is available for FPC? How many programs is created and used by
> > FCP... how many is created by Delphi?
> Does it matter at all?

Sorry, what is freepascal? This is developer tool. Developer tools is
for developing programs. When not exists lot of programs developed by
this developer tool, then it is not developer tool, but this is
developer toy. ;-)

> > How many costs FPC? Nothing! But Delphi is very expensive. When you
> > can be better compatible with Delphi, then you get access to lot of
> > code (by third-party without Borland copyrights!).
> How much free code exactly is not-visual do you think?

I not count this. I cannot count of this. look to www.torry.net, for
example. You can found lot of code what will be interesting for FPC,
here is lot of code what is not platform dependant too. But convert
it for FPC not interesting their developers, because it is not
easy... ;-(

> > All problems have their results! It must not to be 100 compatible,
> > but you must have simple tools for good and quick Delphi porting. For
> > example, in FPC sysutils is missing some Delphi stuffs. Well, you can
> > create new unit with all missing Delphi stuffs. Porting programmer
> > only add this new unit to their program. It is easy...
> You're welcome to submit it :-)

I plan do this very similar for Synapse's purposes. ;-)

Lukas Gebauer.

E-mail: gebauerl at mlp.cz
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