[fpc-pascal]Synapse for FPC

Matt Emson memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Wed Jul 23 13:49:26 CEST 2003

> Hmm, I think this is more due to the move to event driven programming
> than cooperative multitasking.

No, that is a hlf truth. Have you ever tried to write blocking tcp/ip code
without threads? It will block untill it receives the response. This
*completely* stops the flow of the application, be it DOS, WinAPI, VCL, or
some exotic home brew GUI toolkit. Now consider M$ Windows 3.1. It had no
threaded capability and only very crude methods for yielding to other
processes. This is the reason that M$ opted for non-blocking api, and the
fact that it eased the event driven model was a bonus rather than a goal. If
your app on Win3.1 didn't yield to other processes, you locked Windows. It
wasn't common, but I do remember using Netscape 2 under Windows for
Workgroups at University, and it was quite easy to lock the 3.11 when  doing
large downloads etc. This is why we all went to the Sparc labs ;-)


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