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Wed Jul 23 12:34:22 CEST 2003

ME> Use threads and blocking api.

I have (almost) nothing against threads, but they definitely have
disadvantages to, especially when used in a huge project:

1. synchronization - need to use critical sections / locks
2. they are very hard to debug and time dependant bugs can be
3. many libraries (general/graphic/sound/db/etc.) are NOT thread safe

That's why I prefer non-blocking single thread solutions.


ME>  It's fast and responsive and we only have to worry about
ME> sharing data between threads, or use non-blocking code and then have to work
ME> around the fact that tcp/ip can be slow and we will not get all my data in
ME> one big chunk. Using Non blocking sockets means that your code becomes more
ME> complex and convoluted because you may well have to go through the event
ME> look many hundreds of times before your download or upload has completed.
ME> Using multiple threads, you simple hand the data over to the thread when
ME> uploading and either carry on. Downloading you simply send a message to the
ME> main thread when the data is ready. It's also easy to simulate non-blocking
ME> sockets with blocking code using threads. This gives you a clear seperation
ME> between your tcp/ip mechanism and your application code. This is the route
ME> we usually take here.

ME> Swings and roundabouts, I know ;-)

ME> Matt

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