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James Mills prologic at daisy.ods.org
Tue Jul 22 12:31:55 CEST 2003

On Tue, Jul 22, 2003 at 10:36:54AM +0200, Lukas Gebauer wrote:
> > Why should we use your set of classes vs. another set of classes
> > developer by person X ? :)
> >
> > Just a friendly question, I know there are a lot of TCP/IP suites
> > around...
> Why? It is not simple question. ;-)
> Before a five years I need socket library for Delphi. In this time exists
> only two good libraries.. ICS (but it is using asynchronous sockets) and
> Winshoes (now it is called Indy). Yes, exists other libraries, but only
> this will be freeware and opensource!
> For my purposes indy looks good. but it is components. You must do lot of
> things for install them to your system, etc. Indy is very huge and slow
> library. And on mostly places it is very badly written. ;-(
> Rather then using it I wrote my own library based only on units with non-
> visual classes. It not need instalation, only add my unit to your 'uses'
> and go! When my fiend from Delphree association see my work, then tell
> me: "get your library for public, it is great!" Synapse was born!
> By some years I create simple and fast implementation for lot of commonly
> used protocols. Synapse is not only one of TCP/IP libraries, this is
> technology leader. ;-) Yes, for example, Indy using lot of code based on
> my Synapse now! Synapse is first free and opensource library with
> solutions for email with automatic translating of charsets, Synapse is
> first free library with native SNMP implementation, Synapse is first free
> library with 'instant' IPv6 support, Synapse is first free library with
> native LDAP client, etc.
> Yes 'First free' in delphi world! But on FPC world I not see comparable
> TCP/IP library. Really lot of people asking me: "Exists Synapse for FPC?"
> FPC world now can use five years experience with Synapse from delphi
> world. ;-)

You've convinced me :)

Thanks for creating this suite...


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