[fpc-pascal]Using FPC

Bernhard Steffen bernhard.steffen at gmx.net
Sun Jul 20 21:30:54 CEST 2003

Israel Simas wrote:
> Do i have to write code in a simple text editor and compile it in DOS mode?? My
> OS is Windows ME.

No, you don't have to use "Notepad" as editor and compile from the 
command line.

You can use the integrated editor, compiler & debugger instead: If 
you've set your PATH variable as described in the installation 
instructions, you can simply start the IDE by typing "fp" in a DOS shell 
window (or clicking on an appropriate link on your desktop).

The IDE is a text mode program (but still a "real" Win32 program). It 
has an integrated compiler and some debugging features. Maybe you need 
to change some settings - have a look at the "options" menu.

Using this IDE should be very easy for you, if you're familiar with the 
Turbo Pascal IDE.

IIRC there is work done on a graphical IDE as well, but I haven't used 
it so far and don't know about its status of progress.


bernhard.steffen at gmx.net

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