[fpc-pascal]Program is busy

Lee, John John.Lee at logicacmg.com
Fri Jul 18 13:22:42 CEST 2003

Raivo, you need to give a bit (or a lot!) more information re the version of
fpc, the unit(s), and include the part of your program that's showing the
fault if you want some suggestions...
Regards John 

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Subject: [fpc-pascal]Program is busy

When writing data to file or reading data stream directly from port or 
downloading file from internet then program hangs as long as it is busy and 
does not respond to any Windows messages. Also Window will never be 
refreshed before work is done. All you know that.

This is not serious problem. But what are ways to overcome this? Is using 
Windows timers for frequent short delays only solution? How this is done in 
commercial programs?

thaks for help,

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