[fpc-pascal]Linux RedHat v.8.0, fpc and Characters Set output.

arturogr at gorsa.net.mx arturogr at gorsa.net.mx
Tue Jul 1 00:11:19 CEST 2003

When using a character: ej. chr(254) and others, the "Terminal" window (in
X mode (Graphic mode) using "startx") in Linux RH 8.0 show a "?" instead
of the apropiate character.
What is happening ?

Same occurs when running the "FreePascal IDE for Linux v. 0.9.0
2002/04/30", the caracters arround the windows are "?".
Out of the X mode, those characters do not appear. And I have deteccted
that the BACKSPACE character is "equivalent" to a HOME character when key
pressed (strange).

How to make this things to be enougtly compatible with the "Win32" version
of FP ?
I am triying to program with the idea that my program will run and look
the same in MS-Windows and in Linux. Any ideas ?

Arturo G. Rivera.

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