[fpc-pascal]Graphics woes

Carl Eric Codere carl.codere at optimasc.com
Tue Jan 28 10:01:40 CET 2003

>> I can't test GGI. Maybe we should then remove all the GGI graph as it
>> doesn't work 100% correct?  Then it'll never get debugged and fixed!
>I can't remember exactly who added the GGI version to CVS, but IIRC I
>just posted a first version back then and clearly noted that ggigraph is
>not finished and may never get finished by me. And currently it doesn't
>seem to make sense to support GGI anymore: The graph unit cannot really
>handle large bit depths, GGI doesn't support the 4 bpp modes, and
>finally in the future fpGFX will support GGI much better than ggigraph
>ver could.
>If you want to, then remove it, I will not continue ggigraph.
>I cannot find much progress in fpGFX 'cept some reference to its being
>'really beta'.

           Personally i would remove ggigraph support from the CVS
tree and replace with a unified (except for DOS) graph unit based on SDL...
I think this is the way to go.. The only problem is of course implementing
and testing this :(...

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