[fpc-pascal][OT] rant on patent issues

vkrish at vkrish.cjb.net vkrish at vkrish.cjb.net
Thu Jan 9 16:02:58 CET 2003


I came across this (it's a s/w patent on method pointer).'6185728'.WKU.&OS=PN/6185728&RS=PN/6185728

I was wondering if FPC implements method pointers the same way as is documented
in the above patent. I also feel the above patent is the reason why C#
delegates are slightly convoluted (having the same inventor!).

I presume LCL, FPGUI all use method pointers (its the single most
beautiful feature of the language). So will there be any issues to
contend with in regard to the above mentioned patent ?

No wonder S/W patents are a bad thing....


First they ignore you, then they laugh at you,
then they fight you and then you win!
 - "Mahatma" Gandhi

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