[fpc-pascal]Re: fpc-pascal digest, Vol 1 #1646 - 4 msgs

Sebastian G√ľnther sguenther at gmx.de
Tue Jan 7 18:14:21 CET 2003

vkrish at vkrish.cjb.net schrieb:
> Just a question: why should FPC always "chase" delphi ? Is Delphi the only standard for object pascal ? FPC should choose and implement what is best for it. IMO, FPC has two advantages: portability and price (a big thx for the FPC team). So it can afford to go in its own way.

generally speaking, this is correct. OTOH many people want to port 
things with minimal effort, so compatiblity *is* important, and done in 
FPC, where possible.

>>You can always check out the code and play with it:
>>(log in on cvs)
>>cvs co projects/fpgfx
>>cvs co projects/fpimg
>>cvs co projects/fpgui
> Yeah... I do have them in the tree. Only that I did'nt build them.
> I'm looking at the event handling code there.

The CVS version is quite outdated, but while my local version has some 
more features, other things are broken. Development will continue, but 
not within the next few weeks, as other things have to be done first. 
But I'm already planning the next new features and changes.

- Sebastian

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