[admin] Viruses (was: [fpc-pascal]Re:let's be friends)

Jonas Maebe jonas at zeus.rug.ac.be
Sat Jan 4 16:04:11 CET 2003


I've modified the list configuration so that any mail with a

Content-Type: multipart/alternative

line in the header (this should match any mail with an attachment or which
is written in html) will require authorization before it's posted to the
list. This should rid us of all virusses (and virus look-a-likes that
trigger false virus warnings) on the list (before they were filtered out
by stoping all messages >25kb, but that doesn't seem to be enough anymore,
since the last one was only 12kb).

It won't stop stupid virus scanners from claiming that we sent someone a
virus if a virus simply fakes the from-address to match one of the mailing
list addresses of course. Anyway, if you post in html to the list, this
may be a good reason to turn that "feature" off in you mail client
(otherwise it may take a while before your message shows up) and if you
send an mail with an attachment, it message may also be delayed until one
of the list admins approves your message.

fpc-lists admin

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