[fpc-pascal]3 Windows IDE questions

Mark Emerson mark at angelbase.com
Fri Jan 3 03:03:11 CET 2003

1. I've got the IDE up and running in Windows....but all I have is a DOS
window with its extreme limitations on visible rows and columns.  Is
there another version of the IDE that runs on Windows and that displays
a larger text area?

2. Is there a way to "reprogram" the editing commands to different
keys...the way there was in TP?

3. Lastly, while I appreciate the alternative options provided for the
mouse buttons, the ones I want are not on the list.  I have found over
the past 15 years that BY FAR the most useful purpose for the middle and
right mouse buttons is:  middle=cut and right=paste.  It drastically
increases editing speed (for those with agile fingers anyway).  Is there
any way to do that?


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