[fpc-pascal]Working with pictures/images...

Rainer Hantsch rainer at hantsch.co.at
Thu Jan 2 08:00:28 CET 2003


I would like to write programs which can process / work-with pictures, but I
never did such stuff before. (I use FPC 1.0.4 on LINUX.)
What I want to do at the beginning is reading in a JPG or other file and then
have it available in memory in a usable format. In a second step, I want to
write this picture back to a file, mostly in jpg.
In a 3rd step, I want to add procedures/functions to modify the picture in
memory and comparing two images against each other to find out the differences
(i.e. for a motion detection) or to find out that two pictures with different
names have the same content.

Because I am very sure that there exist some ready made libraries/units for
that, I please you to tell me which ones are EASY to use and (so I hope)
usable in OOP programming style (I do not use Delphi style).


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