[fpc-pascal]CPU rel2rev23 uploaded

Thomas Schatzl tom_at_work at gmx.at
Thu Feb 13 14:01:47 CET 2003


  just updated my CPU package to rel2rev23. No breathtaking news, just a
plain simple update:

- added a new field to the TCPUInfo record which contains the number of
logical processors if Hyperthreading enabled (e.g. P4 only).
- bugfixes for Cyrix processor capabilities (hope they're correct now)
- a few new known processor models
- the included platform.inc was completely revised to support much more
platforms (well, FPC added a lot of new platforms since the last update). I
hope I didn't break too much by doing so. Delphi 7 is supported too now
(e.g. cpu unit compiles there as well again =) Ignore the "unsafe code"

I wanted to add a contributed Lazarus LCL example - but couldn't because I
seem to have lost the mail folder containing cpu related stuff... :-( Well,
I guess it's not that hard to figure that out...

See included docupd.txt for documentation changes.

Apart from that I think it is slowly time for a cpu rel3 since processor
capabilities of different x86 type CPU vendors (most notable AMD <-> Intel)
are more and more diverging. Current cpu identification internals were
basically designed for Intel compatibility. (rel2 already serves its purpose
quite well imo for nearly three years now... =) Well, the timing stuff won't
be affected by that.


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