[fpc-pascal]SysUtils.FileExists bug under Go32v2

Anton Tichawa anton.tichawa at chello.at
Thu Feb 13 01:55:39 CET 2003


The following should work under 32-bit windows-compatible os's:

Function FileExists (Const filename :String) :Boolean;
  R := FindFirst(Filename, faAnyFile, S);
  Result := R = 0;
  if R = 0 then FindClose(S);  

Status: Untested.

Caution: The circumstances under which FindClose should be called are not 
clearly formulated by the original manufacturer. My procedure is just a 
proposal. I saw a system hanging several seconds or maybe even crashing when 
I called, or missed to call, FindClose. The fact that the condition R = 0 has 
to be tested twice, shows the poor quality of the API.

BTW: How and where can I obtain the original microsoft 32-bit windows API 
help files, and what names do they have? I thing *.chm or so?


Anton Tichawa.


"Adas Methode war, wie sich zeigen wird, Tagträume in offenbar korrekte 
Berechnungen einzuweben."

Doris Langley Moore: Ada, Countess of Lovelace (London 1977).


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