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> If you keep it runnnable on windoze and go32v2, I'll help you to test it. I

Well, the test program I think of needs to:

1. create pascal sources and configuration files & write them to disk

2. start the compiler and review it's console output

3. start the created application

4. check the results of the created application, including "killing crashed 

It's a lot of work, if not impossible, to view output, and to start and kill 
applications under microsoft widowsm, and there's more danger in actually 
letting an application crash. So what would be needed for keeping it running 
under windows and go32v2?

The idea of a non-OOP test first is good. I think the first test target 
should be a 'hello, world?' program that display 'hello, world?' and then 
continuously examines the keyboard and draws some kind of progress. This, 
too, is very hard to do under windows.

Anton Tichawa.

> can also contribute eg a (non OO) FP test unit? if you like. Any ideas
> about how to define the 'features' to be tested? Regards John
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> Hello, List!
> > Do you want to write that? :)
> If nobody else does, I do. But I'd prefer doing it for linux only.
> Anton.
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