[fpc-pascal]OpenBSD snapshot uploaded.

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Mon Feb 10 21:55:24 CET 2003

Pierre and me managed to fix a lot of bugs in the *BSD platforms. As a
result, even though still a bit raw, the OpenBSD port starts to get usable.

A snapshot was uploaded to the FTP site (


The file is 16 MB (57 when unpacked), it is so huge because all files
contain debug+lineinfo AND a test version of the IDE with debugging support.

Most should work, but a lot of things are untested.

Some critical points:

- You'll need a newer binutils. Simply install binutils from the ports tree
  (I took the stable one). I made a "fpc" account for FPC development,
   and installed symlinks to the newer as and ld in my ~/bin and rehashed)
- There are still problems with Delphi exceptions if these are derived
  from signals (like floating point overflows/div by zero etc)  Help welcome
  here. (probably a structure not updated correctly)
- The different packages are hardly tested except ncurses and the ones needed for the 
- If it mumbles it can't find ncurses, try linking libncurses.a to
  libcurses.a or edit link.res and change the reference to -lncurses
  to -lcurses and run ./ppas.sh
- The IDE works somewhat, but debugging is often off by a line, nothing openbsd specific
   has been done for the keyboard and screen. (OpenBSD supports vga font
   loading with wsfontload, but I don't know how to load a
   font with linedrawing. It seems that none is included)
- The "newer" linker seems to prefer the "default" library locations above
  own specified ones. To link the IDE, I had to specify full paths to all
  .a files in the last section of link.res to get it to work. 

Installation: copy these dirs to $PREFIX, symlink bin/ppc386 to lib/fpc/1.0.7/ppc386 and
rehash. (don't copy this (readme) file)

rm readme.txt
mv * /usr/local 

with suitable rights should do the trick.

Bugs and OpenBSD-port related questions can be reported/asked in the FPC
maillists (prefered) or mailed directly to marco at freepascal.org

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