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Anton Tichawa anton.tichawa at chello.at
Mon Feb 10 16:28:21 CET 2003

Hello, James!

> Yes ok, fair enough, this much is in my knowledge of Pascal :) hehe, but
> the real question is, how do you create these objects on the fly in a
> program, ie: dynamic array...

The object TmyObject from our previous example uses no space at all. If your 
object contains fields, you might declare it statically, as in TmyObject, but 
"on the fly" requires dynamic allocation on the heap:

*** example 2
type t_my_object = object
  f_name: shortstring;
  procedure draw;

type p_my_objects = ^ t_my_object;

function allocate_my_objects (n: cardinal): p_my_objects;
  getmem(result, n * sizeof(t_my_object));

procedure main;
  num = 3;
  i: integer;
  p: p_my_objects;
  p := allocate_my_objects (num);
  for i := 0 to num - 1 do begin
    p[i].f_name := 'instance ' + intstr(i);  // C-like syntax
  for i := 0 to num - 1 do begin
  freemem(p);  // the memory manager knows where and how much to free

I didn't actually compile and test this piece of code - there might be errors.

cheers - anton tichawa.


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