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Fri Feb 7 22:41:44 CET 2003

Hello, List!

> I made a function of 116 lines in assembler:
> isprime(n: cardinal): boolean;

Sounds good.

> which returns true if a cardinal is prime, false otherwise.
> The routine is fast and uses only an array of 18 cardinals and six
> cardinals as local variables. Obviously it may be used by an external
> unit, anyhow let me know if it might not be bad the idea to implement
> the function on the compiler.

The RTL?

Does the function return false for 0 and 1?

How easy isit to upgrade for > 64 bit lengths?


Anton Tichawa.


"Adas Methode war, wie sich zeigen wird, Tagträume in offenbar korrekte 
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Doris Langley Moore: Ada, Countess of Lovelace (London 1977).


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