[fpc-pascal]Mouse Unit

Aitor SantamarĂ­a Merino aitor.sm at wanadoo.es
Fri Feb 7 10:30:23 CET 2003

Michael Van Canneyt wrote:

>On Thu, 6 Feb 2003, Mark Emerson wrote:
>>The mouse unit appears to support resolution only at "character"
>>granularity.  What about pixels?
>That is not the purpose of this mouse unit. The mouse unit is intended
>for text-based screens only, so the character granularity is sufficient.
Not quite right.
The quite old antivirus "Artemis Professional", ancestor of nowaday's 
Panda Antivirus, had a nice feature: it is textmode, but it used 
MS-MOUSE pixel granularity at text mode to display a "kind-of" graphic 
mode mouse: I guess it read the mouse pointer (at pixel granularity), 
and modified four characters in the Character Generator of the graphic 
card to create a mouse pointer that moved with pixel granularity.
True that effectively, clicks must be then catched by dividing by the 
character size and to adapt to the correct granularity. But the previous 
behaviour wouldn't be possible.

I think the that using MS-MOUSE interface (I think MSMOUSE unit), you 
can have this pixel granularity in text mode, but breaks portability.


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