[fpc-pascal]Note on change in unix/dos.pp and beos/dos.pp

Olle Raab automagi at algonet.se
Wed Dec 3 23:17:55 CET 2003

There have been some subtle differences between the behaviour on unix/beos
on one hand and dos/windows on the other.

Therefore the behaviour on unix/beos has been changed to make the rtl more
uniform across platforms.

This concerns FindFirst/FindNext and Set/GetFAttr.

* In unix/beos all files have pretended to have the ARCHIVE attribut. This
is not so anymore.

* FindFirst/FindNext now, regarless of the Attr parameter, always returns
all "normal files" (plus those given by Attr). As normal files counts files
with no attribute, with ARCHIVE set, with READONLY set or with ARCHIVE and
READONLY set. That is those file most people would count as normal.

If you really need to get e g only writable files, you have to test the
files returned by FindFirst/FindNext, by using GetFAttr.

* FindFirst/FindNext now, also filters on the HIDDEN attr (GetFAttr has
always returned HIDDEN, so this makes GetFAttr conformant with FindFirst).

Note that in unix/beos files are regarded as hidden if their name starts
with a period (.).

Note also that no arribute can be set by SetFAttr on unix/beos.

Olle Raab

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