[fpc-pascal]About order of units...

L D Blake ldblake at sympatico.ca
Sun Aug 31 22:32:29 CEST 2003

In reply to your message of August 31, 2003
> At least some of the range check errors are due to errors in the
> Windows unit (mingling cardinals=dwords and longints). However, these 
> are not errors that will change the course of your program in any way, 
> as the data passed around doesn't change because of these typings. It's 
> of course possible you have other range errors in your program as well, 
> but that you can't discover them because it bombs out earlier because 
> of the windows unit mess.

Exactly... I want to find MY mistakes... but I am being hindered because of
the errors occuring elswhere. I'm aware that most of the errors won't affect
performance but they do make a mess of my own efforts to perfect my code.

> Have you already tried using -ghl to check for memory errors?

No not yet... but I will. The program is only 66k (so far) so I doubt I'm
having memory problems in a 256meg machine, but you never know.

FWIW... I think I've found one of the problems. I'm using a scrollbar as a
song position indicator, commenting out the code that enables and disables
that particular child window seems to get rid of the screen scattering
problem... so I have to look much more closely at the way I'm manipulating it.

Of course I still get a gazillion range checking errors which isn't helping me
find the other problems and I still get that pesky range error from my proggy
whenever I open the FP docs... This is why I was suggesting that maybe we (?)
should look into updating the windows unit... get it to match the SDK specs
and add in the new controls for 2k, xp and 03 while we're at it.

 L D Blake

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