[fpc-pascal]More strangeness...

L D Blake ldblake at sympatico.ca
Fri Aug 29 23:42:27 CEST 2003

In reply to your message of August 29, 2003

>> Peter, longint is simply wrong.

> Is it?

Yeah totally wrong...  A negative handle???  Think about it...

> Moreover, I agree with Peter, HWND's are used really a lot. Inside FPC,
> ICS, Lazarus etc etc.

Yep, well here's the rub... I took an older system I have laying about and set
it up witn win98 and ran my project... it doesn't do it there!  According to
the SDK that's because 9x versions don't assign handles above 65,535 ... i.e.
only the low word of the 32 bit handle is used, which won't cause a range
check error.

> It would have been detected.

Not if...
A) nobody is using direct winapi calls on nt/2k/xp or
B) nobody bothered to report it.

One has to ask how many people tried this, ran into trouble and just moved on
to some other compiler without ever bothering to report it...

Matt is right... Longint is absolutely the wrong declaration for a window

 L D Blake

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