[fpc-pascal]Something of a mystery....

L D Blake ldblake at sympatico.ca
Thu Aug 28 01:28:01 CEST 2003

Ok guys I've got something of a mystery going on at this end and I sure could
use some suggestions...

My system:  Amd 1800xp, 256mb ram, gigabyte motherboard, TNT 64 video, no
overclocks or other "enhancements"...  Wind2000 sp4 with free pascal on it's
own partition.

I'm working on a piece of software here that uses some MCI calls as part of
it's secondary functions. If I start it playing a song then put it into the
background it will play the song perfectly, but the rest of the window goes
strange on me... When it comes back to foreground the title bars are missing
from all the application's windows and from any window I open through the
software (open file dialog, for example). If I try to move one of the
application windows it will draw the frame of one of the application's other
windows in the top left of the screen and all the menu context numbers for the
buttons etc pop up onto the display. Moving the main window around will result
in it drawing the frames of all the other windows, one at a time in the upper
left of the screen. These images are not active, they just pop up and
disappear depending on the location of the main window. Sometimes it grabs
bits of other application wndows and draws them in random locations on the
screen... But... so long as I never put the application into the background it
will work perfectly for hours on end.

I compiled it with stack checking and range checking turned on, no errors.  I
tried debug mode through the FP-IDE, no errors.  I've tried setting memory and
stack sizes, which makes no difference.  I also tried re-declaring all my
variables using the Win-api syntax, same problem.

I'm stumped... HELP!

 L D Blake

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