[fpc-pascal]Two Questions

Olle Raab automagi at algonet.se
Wed Aug 27 12:35:32 CEST 2003

> On Sat, 23 Aug 2003, Luis Del Aguila wrote:
>> Two questions
>> 1.- What is the difference with seekeoln() and eoln() functions?
> The first advances the file position to the end of the line.
> The second returns true if the current position is the end of the line.
>> 2.- What is the difference with seekeof() and eof() functions?
> Same as 1, only for end of file instead of end of line.
> This is described in the documentation.
> Michael.

The documentation (below) doesn't seem to corresponds entirelly to what you
write above. That is it doesnt go unconditionally to the end of file...

Which is the most correct description of the function ?

> Declaration: 
> Function SeekEof [(Var F : text)] : Boolean;
> Description: 
> SeekEof returns True is the file-pointer is at the end of the file. It ignores
> all whitespace. Calling this function has the effect that the file-position is
> advanced until the first non-whitespace character or the end-of-file marker is
> reached. If the end-of-file marker is reached, True is returned. Otherwise,
> False is returned. If the parameter F is omitted, standard Input is assumed.


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