[fpc-pascal]Ummmm... anyone know why this doesn't work...

Ingmar Tulva juss_it at ut.ee
Tue Aug 5 19:48:49 CEST 2003

On Tue, 5 Aug 2003, L D Blake wrote:

}  // Message dispatcher for all windows
}  while GetMessage(WMsg,0,0,0) do
}    begin
}      if not IsDialogMessage(getforegroundwindow,wmsg) then
}        begin
}          TranslateMessage(WMsg);
}          DispatchMessage(WMsg);
}        end;
}    end;
}I currently have 6 windows that pop up at various times and this handles
}tabbing and menu selection for them all, quite nicely.
}So Matt... if you're reading this you might like to try it out.

Nice and simple. Don't know about Matt but thanks from here; I have
bounced into this problem now and then and used all kinds of ugly
solutions :-)


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