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Tue Aug 5 17:11:54 CEST 2003

There is an Open-Source IDE for FPC written in Delphi called DevPascal,
available from http://www.bloodshed.net/devpascal.html I cannot vouch
for it's quality as I never program on windows, and thus have never used
Others have told me it is quite good though so I thought you might find
it interesting.

On Tue, 2003-08-05 at 17:12, Alan Mead wrote:
> You should consider subscribing to the list, at least briefly.
> I think you are double-clicking on the free pascal executable which
> opens a console window, prints some text, and quits.  The window
> stays visible so you can read the text but the session is over.
> To use Free Pascal this way, you would need to execute the IDE which
> is like a combined editor, compiler, and debugger.  However, I don't
> use Windows... but I don't think there the Windows IDE is ready yet
> (list members: is this true??).  I think there is third-party Windows
> IDE, maybe it's in the docs or someone will give you a pointer.
> To use Free Pascal without the IDE, and really even with the IDE, you
> will probably want to learn a bit about DOS.  You will need to open a
> DOS window (A.K.A., command window), change directories, edit files,
> etc.  (You can use Notepad or Wordpad or any other editor that edits
> plain text). To compile the program, I would recommend:
> fpc -gl -Co -Cr <filename>
> This will get you started... you need to learn a bit about DOS, I'm
> afraid, to really feel comfortable running FPC this way.
> Regarding the path, when you are in a DOS window, you can see the
> path by typing 'path'.  I usually do this (let's assume your FPC
> executables are installed in c:\fpc\bin\win32):
> 1.  put the current path into a batch file:
> path > delme.bat
> 2. edit batch file to make it set the path and add the extra, you
> want this:
> set PATH=(old path); c:\fpc\bin\win32
> where PATH=(old path) is what's the file when you start editing
> 3. execute the batch file by typing it's name
> 4.  To make this permanent, copy the set path line to your
> c:\autoexec.bat ... this is a little tricky if your computer is
> networked.  Networks often re-arrange your path.
> Hope this helps,
> -Alan
> --- Catherine Berridge <catherineberridge at hotmail.com> wrote:
> ---------------------------------
> Dear Free Pascal
> Help! 
> I'm new to this programming business.  I think I've successfully
> installed free pascal but after that I'm lost.  Where am I supposed
> to be typing the commands?  I've tried typing into the MSDOS
> applications things but they all claim to be FINISHED and won't let
> me.  I also don't know how to set the path as commanded by the
> installation programme.
> Please help!
> Cathy
> P.S I think I'm supposed to mention that I'm not subscribed to the
> mailing lists.
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