James Mills prologic at daisy.ods.org
Sat Aug 2 15:51:12 CEST 2003

On Fri, Aug 01, 2003 at 10:45:00PM +0300, Nikolay Nikolov wrote:
> James Mills wrote:
> >How are you guys goins with crosscompiling ?
> >I'd like to be able to cross compile from Debian/Linux to various other
> >platforms... Or have you been crosscompiling the other way ?
> >
> First of all, you need binutils, compiled with support for the targets 
> you want. Get the source, read the docs, and enable the targets you 
> want, then compile it. It's C, so you need gcc environment.
> http://www.gnu.org/directory/GNU/binutils.html
> If you manage to compile the binutils successfully you should end up 
> having as, ld, strip, etc... that support your target os & cpu.
> You could also try looking for some precompiled binaries of the 
> binutils, for the target you want.
> After that you can do: ppc386 -Tyour_target_os 
> -FD/path_to_cross_binutils yourfile.pas
> You also need the Free Pascal RTL (and other OS-specific units), you can 
> get them precompiled from the fpc website. They are part of the fpc 
> binary distribution for your target os.

Thank you for this information, I now have more of an insight of how
it's done :)


> ... or you can compile them yourself using the fpc source, but that's 
> somewhat more complicated.
> If you want to compile for another cpu (fpc 1.0.10 supports i386 and 
> m68k; fpc 1.1 currently supports i386, powerpc and sparc) then you 
> *must* compile the compiler. You can read the fpc docs, for compiling 
> the compiler... :)
> IIRC it was something like "make CPU_TARGET=m68k" in the compiler dir 
> for the motorola 680x0 (ppc for powerpc, i386 for i386, sparc for sparc 
> :) )... You end up having a ppc68k executable. Then you go to the rtl 
> directory and compile the rtl using this new ppc68k "make PP=ppc68k 
> OPT=-FD/path_to_cross_binutils" Perhaps you also need to add 
> OPT=-Tyour_target_os... I did it 2 weeks ago (I compiled a crosscompiler 
> for m68k amiga), and this is what I remember... There might be some 
> mistakes here... just read the docs, read the fpc compiler options and 
> play with it, until you get it working... :)
> And you're done.
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