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A.J. Venter ajventer at direqlearn.org
Wed Apr 30 09:44:49 CEST 2003

I would like to seccond the suggestion as well.
I wrote my first PHP program last month - a giant LAMP project that used
a completely revolutionary (as in nobody every did it like that before)
database design.
The criteria I had to meet was horrendous:
Every record would have completely different fields, yet they had to be
ordered and structured. Fields could repeat with different values etc.
It was in short an order off create a database which can hold data
without a fixed table structure, and a web frontend.
I pulled it off by creating a massive database that stored all the
actual values in a single field. All the other fields are meta data
explaining all the known data fields (which means new fields can be
created instantly) - and the GUI had the task of interacting with that
database following the rules layed out in this database.
I did all this in PHP because I wanted to learn the language. I
literally looked up each PHP command as I needed it. I could pseudocode
the whole program, but before two weeks ago, I did not even know a
single php command.
The comments in the manual was a life-saver. Especially the extra
examples showing the function in multiple usage situations allowing me
to easilly pick the right one each time.

I think FPC would do great to implement the a similiar structure.
Also it would be really nice if we could archive the mailining list into
a searchable structure such as a mysql_database instead. Allowing users
to do keyword searches on discussions.

Just my R0.02 worth

On Wed, 2003-04-30 at 09:50, Florian Klaempfl wrote:
> Michael Van Canneyt wrote:
> > The search function will be added as soon as I have some time.
> > The ability for users to add comments will not be added since
> > that is not the idea of documentation. For this we have mailing
> > lists and forums.
> I think that this suggestion is quite good. First, the comments to the
> php functions contain often helpful hints and tricks. Further,
> suggestions and comments to the docs are very close to the contents.
> It's much harder to search the mailing lists and forum. I think also
> that such a system encourages users to comment the docs which is helpful
> to improve them. Maybe it's worth a try?
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