[fpc-pascal]Question to the offical fpc book

Michael Van Canneyt michael.vancanneyt at wisa.be
Wed Apr 30 09:28:03 CEST 2003

On Tue, 29 Apr 2003 timmer at timmerca.com wrote:

> > You are kidding right? If you aren't then exactly what documentation are
> > you looking at? The FPC documentation is some of the best open source
> > documentation I have every come across. The four manuals combined can
> > answer just about all of your FPC needs. Documentation on the FCL is in
> > progress and somewhere in the distant future I am sure some Lazarus
> > documentation will be available.
> There may be lots of detail, but I find it cumbersome to use.  Have you seen
> what I'm talking about on www.php.net?  Every function has it's own little
> page with the ability for users to add comments, the whole thing is
> searchable, there are examples of almost every function.  I'm not
> criticizing anyone - documentation is a huge task and I'm sure the FPC
> developers are busy developing, and since I'm not able to contribute much to
> the coding process, maybe I can help with making the documentation a little
> better, even if it is good now.  :)

I suggest that first you look at


This is the 'new' standard for the docs. It is generated from the
sources directly with our new 'fpdoc' tool. We have a GUI editing
tool for it, so feel free to add docs for any units in Lazarus
and the FCL. We will extend the documenter a bit so it is also more
suitable for documentation like the user's guide, currently it's geared
towards creating reference documentation for units.

The search function will be added as soon as I have some time.
The ability for users to add comments will not be added since
that is not the idea of documentation. For this we have mailing
lists and forums.


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