[fpc-pascal]Question to the offical fpc book

timmer at timmerca.com timmer at timmerca.com
Wed Apr 30 01:50:59 CEST 2003

> The book is pretty much the shipped docs, with a more professional layout,
> but based on the docs of an earlier (0.99.14 IIRC) FPC version. It only
> documents the language and the core units.
> I got a copy when it was released, and I found myself using it from time
> time as a language and runtime library reference. It is simply faster in
> usage than using the online docs. If you really spend a lot of time using
> FPC, it can be a time saver, even if it doesn't go further than the
> docs.

I am thinking pretty hard about spending some time developing a
documentation site, much like PHP's (www.php.net) that would document all of
FreePascal.  The lack of clear, usable documentation is one of the things
that has kept me from using it as a production language more.

Does anyone know if any other similar efforts are under way?


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