[fpc-pascal]X11 Units

V.Krishnakumar vkrish at vkrish.cjb.net
Sun Apr 27 14:16:50 CEST 2003

On Sun, 27 Apr 2003 08:34:14 -0400, <timmer at timmerca.com> wrote:

>> > Can anyone point me in the direction of some documentation for the X11
>> > interface units?  I can't seem to find any documentation anywhere.
>> The documentation is in the XFree86 package. Its a straight forward C 
>> API.
>> Further, converting all of them to pascal would be a huge duplication of
>> effort.
> Can you tell me then where I might get some examples of how to use the 
> units
> in FPC?  I'm not a C programmer and therefore trying to understand what's
> going on in a C program is not so easy for me.
If you dont know enough C then using the units will be tough. Even then 
reading the docs in the XFree86 should provide a general idea. Beware, 
programming in Xlib
is tedious.


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