[fpc-pascal]null parameters on Win32

Adam Naumowicz adamn at math.uwb.edu.pl
Thu Apr 17 17:47:26 CEST 2003


On Thu, 17 Apr 2003, Lee, John wrote:

> Why not download a recent snapshot eg of win32 v1.0.7 (which is effectively
> the upcoming v1.0.8 release) or a v11 snapshot, and try it yourself - that's
> why we (normally) do regular snapshots!

The reason is quite simple - no windows at hand and not enough time ;-(

> I've tried it on win95 & win me... & it's ok.

Thanks. Seems the upgrading is unavoidable, though I'm, to some extent,
obliged to using the same stable compiler versions on Linux, Solaris and
Win32, and this means some extra work for me AFAIR some 'self'-related
changes in 1.1.

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