[fpc-pascal]RTC with Free Pascal

Christophe Espern cespern at free.fr
Thu Apr 17 15:42:28 CEST 2003

Le mer 16/04/2003 à 20:07, Anton Tichawa a écrit :

> I didn't find rtc.txt on my local hard disk, but I have written a unit, 
> times.pas, that does real-time stuff, using linux system calls.

Here is an online version :


> Shall I post the file(s) to the list or to your email address, Christophe?

The list may be interested I think :)

> A serious question: The resolution on linux is still as high as 10 ms. Can 
> any one tell me where to change that big, big constant to e. g. 10 ns, 
> because also cpus were slower by a factor of 1e6 when these 10 ms were chosen.

By using RTC I think you avoid this. I must perform tests with threading
and take a look to the  sched_set_scheduler() for that.



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