[fpc-pascal]Re: encryption library

Tom Verhoeff wstomv at win.tue.nl
Fri Apr 11 09:06:24 CEST 2003

>> Does FPC have an encryption library?

I contributed a unit for AES to www.FreePascal.org.  You can also find it at


However, this unit is not a genuine crypto library for two reasons:

  1.  It provides the basic encrypt/decrypt block operations
      in Electronic Codebook Mode only.

      In order to use AES in practice, one needs to operate it
      in a mode that is appropriate for the desired service.  Also see


  2.  The implementation is more aimed at clarity than speed.  It does
      feature some techniques for speed (table lookup instead of computation).

It may serve as a good starting point.


	Tom Verhoeff

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