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Anton Tichawa anton.tichawa at chello.at
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> The idea of a class variable is strange to me.
> Why not simply use a global variable ?

In fact it would be a global variable, but one that is bound to a class, also 
in the sense of a namespace.

Consider, as an example, a class variable that holds the count of instances. 
Something like (this is pseudo code - it will not work that simple):

type t_myclass_a = class
  class var instance_count: integer;

type t_my_class_b = class
  class var instance_count: integer;

procedure list_instances(aclass: tclass);
  writeln('the class ' + aclass.classname + ' has ' +
    intstr(aclass.instance_count) + ' instances');
  // i. e. accessing the proper global variable for
  // the given class type

Type checking and inheritance of class variables still would have to be 



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