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Anton Tichawa anton.tichawa at chello.at
Fri Apr 4 17:38:04 CEST 2003

On Friday 04 April 2003 07:48, you wrote:
> > Hello!
> >
> >>   Can any tell me if there's "Class Variable" in free pascal like in
> >> java?
> >>   I mean, in java, you can declare a class memeber to be "static", all
> >> instance of this class share the same variable memory. Such a member can
> >> be
> >> accessed through class name without any instantiation.
> >>   Does free pascal will add such a feature in the future?
> >
> > AFAIK, class variables are not supported yet, nor are class properties.
> > But
> > it's possible to use class methods, which in turn access a global
> > variable.
> Sorry that is wrong, static class members are supported, you need to
> enable the static keyword using -St
> I don't know what you mean with class properties.

Sorry for my misinfo, but I didn't find anything about class variables in the 
docs (1.06), and I tried, in vain, to compile programs with class variables. 
I'm happy to learn that -St allows using class variables. It's a pity, 
though, that different keywords have to be used for class variables and class 

By class properties, I mean properties that only access class members (class 
variables and class methods), and are accessible with the syntax:


When trying class methods, I found that the executable behaves strange: 
Invoking a class method with


works fine. But, invoking the class method with


is accepted by the compiler, but results in an exception when <classvar> is 
nil. Is that OK?


anton tichawa.


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