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Sat Sep 21 20:31:04 CEST 2002

Thanks for your reply ..!!

>  the Dos unit interface was created with DOS in mind, so more 
> advanced concepts like links, three levels of permissions, owners, 
> different times, ..., are somewhat difficult to indicate using the 
> limited amount of  available fields. In theory, we might modify the 
> RTL functions to use something like the SysFile bit in file 
> attributes to indicate non-standard files, but it's questionable, 
> whether it would probably hurt compatibility in the end. If you want 
> to distinct platform specific features like links, you should use 
> platform specific calls for this -I don't program for Linux myself, 
> but I'd suggest to use the FStat call from unit Linux (Unix in FPC 
> 1.1) for this.

Ok, i will use FreePascal units only, and let behind the Borland compatibility for now...

> > ps:Do not use acronyms like IMO, OTOH, or such, because i don't
>  OK, ;-) I've tried - I only used RTL and DOS... ;-)
> > understand WTF stand for... ;). I think this acronyms are a problem
> > for all non-english readers.
>  Well, they don't impose a bigger problem for me, for example, 
> although I'm definitely no native speaker / reader. Not so many of 
> them are really used, so it isn't that difficult to get used to them 
> (and if you find one not yet known to you, you can always look it up 
> in some list acronym list). But it's just a subjective opinion, of 
> course.

Ok... ! But, please, if you use acronyms like IMO, not a FreePascal related acronym, add a little explanation at the end of the mail. Until I learn all the acronyms...

Bye !!

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