[fpc-pascal] Btrieve

Stefan Becker becker at lufa-speyer.de
Fri Sep 20 00:40:10 CEST 2002

Hi Michael,
what you are doing should work.  If you can access the engine (locally or
make sure that requester is loaded AND using the correct protokoll.  This is
where I have experienced the more troulbe.  Test the connection with
the "butil.exe" or the other Pervasive utilities before blaming your own

I'm including my own units to give you another interface to work with!
I use this btrieve-unit sucessfully with Borland Pascal 7.0 (dos and
Windows) and
Free Pascal in Linux.  Yes a btrieve and P-SQL Database-Server on a linux

It's not always well documented and you will have to work through some of
the stuff
yourself.  I can offer more help if any one wants it.
Use at your own risk and so forth.....

low level interface: http://www.yukonho.de/~becker/btrv/btrvtpu.pas
hi're level Objects: http://www.yukonho.de/~becker/btrv/datab.pas
the butil utility       : http://www.yukonho.de/~becker/btrv/butils.pas

let me know if these are of any help!

my best regards,

Stefan Becker
email: becker at yukonho.de

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Betreff: [fpc-pascal] Btrieve

>I try to port a BP7.0-program (DOS-Realmode) that uses the
>TUR5BTRV.PAS as interface to Btrieve (exactly the pervasive sql 2000
>used as btrieve engine). When I compile it with FPC I get
>a btrieve-error 11370, which is not described in the list of
>errornumbers from btrieve. Has anyone another interface for FPC and
>btrieve ? (Compiled with BP there is no problem.)
>BTW: Is there a possibility to download the complete maillist-archiv
>for import in a mail-client ?
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